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At Sachi Naturocare, our philosophy centers around natural healing. Whether it's spinal issues, back pain, neck discomfort, or any lifestyle-related ailment, we're dedicated to helping you overcome these conditions without the need for medications or surgical interventions. What sets us apart is our commitment to achieving these results without any unwanted side effects. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to guide you on the path to a healthier, happier life through holistic and natural solutions.

About the Founders

Dr. Sachi Tandon
Dr. Sachi Tandon

Founder of Sachi Naturocare,
Master Health Coach, Naturopathy Practitioner, and Inspiring Change Maker, Dedicated to Empowering Wellness, Transforming Lives

Dr. Sachi Tandon - Master Health Coach, Naturopathy Practitioner, and Inspiring Change Maker, Dedicated to Empowering Wellness and Transforming Lives Dr. Sachi Tandon is a visionary Master Health Coach, Naturopathy Practitioner, Social Activist, Public Speaker, and accomplished Author. With a diverse range of talents and a profound commitment to holistic well-being, Dr. Tandon embodies a life of purpose, innovation, and impact.

After an illustrious 15-year corporate journey across leading multinational companies, Dr. Tandon's life took a transformative turn with the birth of her daughter, Akshita. This pivotal moment led her to explore her passions and delve into the realms of healing, alternative medicine, and personal growth. Her quest for a deeper calling gave rise to a profound interest in Reiki, Past Life Regression, Naturopathy, and various alternative healing modalities.

Dr. Tandon's multifaceted journey led her to establish Sachi Naturocare, an esteemed holistic wellness institution with a prominent presence in Kanpur (U.P.) and Bengaluru (Karnataka). As the Founder and Director, she champions the integration of ancient wisdom and modern science, offering comprehensive naturopathic solutions to empower individuals on their healing journeys.

A trailblazer with a heart for societal well-being, Dr. Tandon is also the President of Shambhala Foundation, a distinguished NGO dedicated to fostering positive change and community welfare. Her advocacy for self-healing through Naturopathy resonates through her mission-driven initiatives.

Dr. Tandon's expertise extends to the realm of literature, as a co-author alongside luminaries like Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield. Her thought-provoking contributions to leading newspapers and magazines inspire countless individuals to embrace self-healing and holistic wellness.

Dr. Tandon's remarkable journey has garnered recognition from notable figures such as Anupam Kher, Sunil Tulsiani, Suniel Shetty, and Sonu Sood. Esteemed entrepreneurs from Shark Tank Fame, including Ashneer Grover and Vineeta Singh, have also acknowledged her exceptional contributions. Her interactions with spiritual luminaries like Gaur Gopal Das, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Pranav Pandya, Dr. Chinmaya Pandya, and Dr. Anand have further enriched her holistic insights.

With academic prowess that matches her diverse talents, Dr. Tandon holds an MD in Naturopathy (Alternative Medicine), an MBA in International Business, and an MCA, underscoring her dedication to lifelong learning and holistic wellness.

Balancing her roles as a devoted wife and loving mother, Dr. Tandon epitomizes the harmonious fusion of family values, professional excellence, and philanthropic spirit. Her membership in prestigious organizations like INO (International Naturopathy Organization) and Mahila Jagriti Sansthan reflects her commitment to driving positive change on a global scale. Dr. Sachi Tandon's transformative journey embodies a profound commitment to holistic well-being, empowerment, and holistic healing. Her relentless dedication and unwavering spirit continue to inspire countless individuals to embrace the transformative power of naturopathy and self-healing.

Amit Tandon
Amit Tandon

Director & Founder of Sachi Naturocare

With a distinguished 25-year career in the IT industry, my life's path seemed paved with success. Yet, in 2015, a seismic event shook the foundation of our family's existence. My mother's diagnosis of a heart valve issue, a consequence of painkiller use in her early years, revealed the fragile nature of health. This revelation marked the genesis of a profound odyssey into the realm of "Alternative Medicines," a journey shared with my partner, Sachi. Together, we uncovered the transformative power of self-healing through Naturopathy. What began as a response to adversity soon evolved into a heartfelt imperative, propelling us into a world where science and nature harmonize to rejuvenate not just bodies, but souls.

Then, in 2019, another poignant moment shattered our equilibrium. The discovery of my close relative's spine ailment thrust me into a new battle. I embarked on an odyssey through elite healthcare establishments, relentlessly pursuing her recovery. Yet, the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 cast an even darker shadow, stalling her treatment, and magnifying our struggles.

Faced with an insurmountable challenge, my family and I navigated a healthcare landscape fraught with obstacles. The very institutions we turned to for guidance prioritized profit over compassion, leaving us adrift. Despite our tenacity, we encountered resource constraints that hindered our quest for knowledge and solutions.

Amid the adversity, a profound realization struck—a beacon of light amidst the storm. How many others, like us, were grappling with the same uncertainty, devoid of direction? This epiphany impelled me to leave behind my corporate mantle and embark on a new chapter. A chapter dedicated to offering solace, insight, and guidance to families in similar predicaments.

In this transformative journey, I sought refuge in the strength of my family's unity. Together, we dared to redefine our purpose and embrace risk as a catalyst for change. Now, I stand on the precipice of a transformative endeavor—a bridge between despair and hope.

Today, armed with the knowledge of our trials and triumphs, we extend an open hand to those navigating the complexities of medical challenges. A passion for service propels our mission—to illuminate pathways toward holistic healing, shattering the shackles of pain without resorting to medications, injections, or surgeries. Every human deserves a life free from suffering, and our pursuit of innovative technologies is unwavering.

This journey, born from personal struggle, has metamorphosed into a collective endeavor to redefine possibilities. Through empathy, dedication, and unwavering conviction, we're not just changing lives; we're igniting a global movement toward a pain-free existence. In an uncertain world, we stand resolute, ready to guide and empower others to reclaim their lives.

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Sachi Naturocare embarks on a remarkable journey by partnering with ANSSI Wellness, Asia's premier USA Patented Spinal Decompression Treatment Centre.

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